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Letter: Fair transportation funding

In response to "On Amtrak," on page A4 in the Aug. 11 issue of the West Central Tribune, I, being a railroad travel advocate, will address the issue.

Picture, if you will, that total transportation appropriations come from a tank of water that can hold a few hundred gallons of water (symbolically).

Along come the highways, airlines, and waterways with their big barrels, filling them up to the brim. Everybody seems to look the other way.

But along comes Amtrak with a bucket to fill. If Amtrak gets a few too many drops, everybody notices and it is "ballistic city."

I am a conservative political thinker, but I admire President Barack Obama (a Democrat) and his transportation secretary, Raymond LaHood (a Republican), for adopting a funding policy for all transportation items on a fair-and-square basis.

Guy Nelsen