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Letter: The familiar GOP refrain

Lee Byberg's announcement of his intention to run for Congress again is early enough to dedicated his campaign in such a way as to clarify issues, not confuse them.

Byberg's statement sounds a lot like the familiar Republican refrain, that our government is solely responsible for failed economic policies and he infers that we are not in compliance with the U.S. Constitution. Last I checked, the conservatives are in the majority in the Supreme Court; are they neglecting their one and only job to protect the Constitution?

Recent surveys show an astounding lack of knowledge about our government. Could it be people that know better choose to confuse the issues, resulting in a lack of confidence in governance?

We are constantly bombarded by the refrain, Government doesn't create jobs, only the private sector does. I imagine selective memory helps Byberg as he arrives at work each day, his workplace for all practical purposes supplied gratis from the government along with huge tax forgiveness.

Certainly a teacher holds a job as do the snow plow drivers, etc. We do have a lot of work to do that will not get done unless we refrain from embellishing our arguments with half-truths.

Alec Olson