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Letter: A farmer for Joe Gimse

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Political Action Committee has endorsed Sen. Joe Gimse for Minnesota State Senate in District 17.

As the state's largest general farm organization, Farm Bureau has nearly 30,000 member families.

As a respected leader in the Minnesota Senate, Joe Gimse knows the importance of agriculture to so many aspects of life here in west central Minnesota. Joe understands when our farms are profitable our local communities prosper. Joe has worked diligently to roll back and stem the pressure from special-interest groups to further regulate and tax our farms.

As a farmer I have firsthand knowledge of what government interference means to those of us working the land and those businesses that supply us with the essentials to raise crops and livestock.

Whether you are seeking to drain water from your farmland, complete a real estate transaction, purchase fertilizer and crop protection chemicals or make choices on how you care for your livestock, the burden to comply and the costs associated continue to escalate.

If you aren't a business owner or farmer you may have missed this part of life on the farm. Take time to attend an annual meeting of your local electricity supplier, make a call or sit across the desk from the manager of a grain and agronomy coop or just talk to a local farmer to learn more about how farming has changed.

Joe believes as farmers we can make common-sense decisions for our farms and the communities we live in. Why allow St Paul to decide for us? Show your support for Gimse as our senator from District 17. We can count on Joe to support us!

Allen Saunders