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Letter: First Obamacare, what next?

First of all I want to make it very clear that I'm not anti-church or anti-Catholic. But we are now seeing what can and does happen when you don't do your homework and take a long hard look when you support a certain ideology.

What I'm referring to is the Obama mandate that all employers must provide birth control and the morning-after pill to all insureds. How did this happen?

It happened because no one in Congress took the time to read the legislation pertaining to Obamacare. When this was passed it left the rules-making up to the Department of Health and Human Services to sit behind closed doors and write the rules with no input from the public.

Kathleen Sebelius is a Catholic and the head of HHS who in March 2009 was denied Communion by the Catholic Church because of her being for pro-choice and abortion. We saw various members of the hierarchy of various churches in support of Obamacare at the beginning are now being burned by the devil that they played with. I wonder how many more groups that supported Obama in Obamacare are now having second thoughts about what they did.

It reminds one of pre-World War II Germany and all of the support that Hitler had for his socialist ideas. And after he was named chancellor for life in 1934, he went about abolishing labor unions (who supported him at first) and any other groups that he thought might get in his way, and went on to murder as many of his enemies as he could.

The Obama administration is not concerned about women's reproductive rights, it's about control -- the very same controls that Ronald Reagan talked about 50 years ago. Obama says he is a Christian but would a Christian be forcing something like this with the point of a Roman spear?

What will we be forced to do next? Will it be control of the media and will Fox news be banned? Private ownership of firearms be outlawed? What will be next?

Earl Pederson