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Letter: Foolish spending of tax dollars

On my way to St. Cloud I drive by the bike path to nowhere that ends at one of the worst intersections in the county, and of all the times I have driven by that bike path, I have yet to see anyone using it. Can someone please tell me why we needed to spend the money for that path?

Then I go a little farther down the road and only one of the two wind generators is turning! I see this a lot on my trips to St. Cloud. Why is only one of these new wind generators running? Is there a problem with one of them? At this rate it will take more than 20 years to pay for itself. When they are both running do we get a better electrical rate? Let's keep them running.

Then farther down the road there is a cable in the ditch between the roads and I wonder what really this is for and there is a left turn lane missing. Now why was that turn lane taken out of that area? To cut off those businesses who were serviced by that turn lane is just plain baloney. To have to drive farther to the north and put double the amount of vehicles turning at the next turn lane is again baloney! I don't ever remember any accidents happening at that turn lane that was removed or any vehicles crossing over to the other lanes of traffic.

Who comes up with some of this stuff? Let's quit spending the taxpayers' money foolishly. We don't all have the security of a city or county job.

Bob Skor