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Letter: Frank Yanish for mayor

With the November general elections rapidly approaching, I'd like to offer a few words of support for mayoral candidate Frank Yanish, who's running in opposition to our present mayor, Les Heitke, who has filed for re-election..

As Yanish stated in an article in the Tribune on May 27, which announced his candidacy, he served six years on the Willmar Planning Commission, and three years as chairman.

Frank and his wife, Lorna, have owned and operated Central Tire and Auto in the Skylark Mall for the past 19 years. Frank is a standup guy, and I believe he'll do a great job as mayor. He'll see to it that the citizens of Willmar will have their voices heard. Obviously, as in every form of government, every single person's voice won't be heard, but I feel confident that he will do his very best to treat everybody fairly, and with dignity.

Although Mayor Heitke served faithfully, as mayor, most people are aware that his term was often contentious and filled with controversy. On the other hand, I believe Frank is the kind of guy who will listen to both sides of an issue before making any recommendations. As we all are aware, listening is a very important component of leadership. In my opinion, Frank will strive to achieve fairness in government, as difficult as that might be at times. We need leadership that's inclusive, not exclusive, as wasn't always the case during the Heitke administration

I've known Yanish and his wife, Lorna, for several years. They both seem like great, civic-minded people. Give Frank your vote in November, and do your part to help the city of Willmar move forward.

We need new leadership on the City Council, and in my opinion, Frank Yanish will do a good job representing the interests of the citizens of Willmar! He certainly has my vote!

Norm Baker