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Letter: Gay marriage isn't God's plan

The recent letter titled "The right to love" caused me to reread the marriage amendment passed by both the House and Senate. The good news for the writer is that nothing in the amendment prevents anyone from loving whoever they choose. The bad news, at least for advocates of so-called gay marriage, is that marriage in Minnesota has always been defined as being between one man and one woman. So-called gay marriage has never been an "American value" or a Minnesota value, for that matter.

The proponents of so-called gay marriage would have us believe that somehow the inalienable rights clause of the Declaration of Independence covers marriage. They are wrong on two accounts. First, if a right is to be considered inalienable then it must come from our creator, not the state. States have decided that they control the right to define marriage and regulate it through various laws, court rulings and constitutional amendments. At the federal level we have the Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage. If the state determines what constitutes a "marriage," then by definition it is not an inalienable right and can be defined by the voters without infringing on anyone's rights.

Second, the proponents would appeal to their inalienable rights, which by definition come from the creator, yet they ignore his definition of marriage. God gave mankind the institution of marriage in Genesis 2:24. This relationship was confirmed by Jesus in Matthew 19:4. It is in the joining of male and female (both physical and spiritual) that we represent the full image of God. In this joining of male and female God shares his greatest power with us, the ability to create new life. From marriage we get the family, from the family we get communities and from community we get nations and with nations come civilizations. So-called gay marriages are not part of God's plan for mankind.

The marriage of one man and woman has been the cornerstone of civilization since the beginning of time. When it is time to vote in 2012, vote to continue God's definition of marriage, vote yes on the marriage amendment.

Rick Chambers