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Letter: Get educated about guns

It is time truth was spoken and facts were heard.

Enough is enough about the ongoing fear tactics to keep the sad incident of the Sandy Hook school shootings from resting in peace. The fact is that no gun laws that the president and representatives want to put in place would have stopped Adam Lanza from shooting his way into the school. He knew there were no armed staff to stop him.

Yet one of the parents is speaking out that gun control wouldn’t make the criminals turn in their illegal, stolen, or unregistered weapons. Do you hear about this parent at the top of each news hour, radio, or TV? No, you don’t; his message doesn’t fit the anti-Second Amendment agenda. Why are we paying for 11 family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims to fly in Air Force One to D.C. to lobby lawmakers in support of radical gun control?

Do you know the facts and functions of legal firearms or are you ignorantly jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon? Have you signed up and attended one of many monthly gun training courses in this area?

Let’s combat the ridiculous and hyped-up nonsense from the politicians. Let’s educate and be living examples of how to be responsible citizens. Let’s explain that there will always be evil and bad people out there and that no law is going to stop them from getting their hands on any type of weapon to inflict harm on any innocent human being.

We have the right to own and safely operate our legal weapons. And when need be, we will defend ourselves and our families from those who don’t care if there are thousands of gun control laws.

The time is now for hardworking, law abiding citizens to continue to write letters like this to our local papers, and to let our representatives know where we stand.

The Second Amendment exists as a part of our Constitution to protect law-abiding citizens, not to turn them into criminals.

Joel Carlson