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Letter: Get to know Mayor Yanish (link fixed)

For those of you who don’t know Frank Yanish, then it is time you do.

He is a business man and a good employer. Ask anyone who works for him. Frank is a pretty decent guy just looking out for the city’s best interest.

Think about this for one minute: Why would anyone, who has a successful business to operate and could really do without extra stress and time it takes to run a city, run for position of mayor if he wasn’t devoted to making a difference?

People encouraged him to run for mayor for a reason, and one of those reasons is to keep costs in line, and the city government functioning.

There are times when you feel you are being hammered at every turn, or your proposals are usually met with road blocks and obstructions and you are better off leaving a meeting to allow cooler heads to prevail.

The mayor has limited powers, unlike many bigger urban cities, so there are times you are forced to sit back and take whatever you are not comfortable with.

Before judging Mayor Yanish think about this: When you see the budget and realize there are less costly means and avenues to better run this city, then as an elected official it is your duty to do what the voters have asked of you and not what some special interests or groups want.

As a business person Mayor Yanish can add and subtract, so if he feels there are more affordable means, then he will address those. It appears he has studied the city finances and sees a problem and only wants what is best for the city of Willmar.

Joe Raines