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Letter: Get over it, white males

Imagine! The white male establishment, the total power structure of our country since Columbus stumbled upon this land mass in 1492, had its poor little feelings hurt. And all because a stately, middle-aged, well-educated female nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court suggested that a wise Latina woman might have a few more insights into a problem than a white male.

To listen to the uproar, you'd think she had asked for Chief Justice John Robert's head on a platter.

The so-called Republican gurus, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, were so outraged, one of them forgot a dose of his painkiller and the other forgot he wasn't king of Washington, D.C. anymore. They both called her a racist, pure and simple.

What on earth has happened to the powerful white male establishment that their itty-bitty feelings got so hurt by Sonia Sotomayor to make them feel they had to malign her in the worst way?

For goodness sake, Republican men, and men in general! Get a grip on yourselves. Open your mind to the possibility that maybe the world would have been a better, different and more peaceful place had it been ruled by a female establishment instead of you. Be big enough people to at least consider it. And please, calling someone a racist simply because they expressed a thought is totally unacceptable in this country.

Lavonne Halloran Reller