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Letter: Give Peterson a pink slip

Every 80 years, America faces a crisis. These crises can be economic, military, societal or a combination of the three. Although the pattern can be traced back to the beginning of time itself, let us start with the American Revolution.

If we fast-forward approximately 80 years, we find ourselves in the chaos leading up to America's second great crisis -- the Civil War. Continuing forward, the next great crisis, World War II, came right "on time," 80 years after the Civil War.

The reason these crises emerge at such a predictable and consistent pace is that the average human lifespan is roughly 80 years; therefore, it takes roughly one human lifetime to allow the sacrifices of our grandparents to fade from our personal memory into the impersonal history textbooks. In short, history has proven that it takes 80 years for citizens to take their freedoms for granted.

By now, you've probably done the math in your head. The Great Depression that triggered totalitarianism began with the stock market crash of 1929 ... 80 years ago! To protect the freedoms of Minnesota's 7th Congressional District, Collin Peterson must be given a pink slip. His "moderate" voting record includes cap and trade, bailout packages, and a refusal to defend rural Minnesotans from Nancy Pelosi's disastrous health care bill. It is time for Collin Peterson to be given an early retirement. Vote Lee Byberg on Nov. 2.

David Anderson