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Letter: Going in the wrong direction

What direction is our nation going? You decide.

Socialism -- government owns business.

Fascism -- government controls privately owned business.

Communism -- government owns and controls business.

Look what's happened the past 14 months: More government involvement in the auto industry, banks and mortgage firms (too big to fail?), unemployment near 10 percent, housing bubble broke, and now government control of our health care and student loans.

The following is a small part of Obamacare: Mandates you buy "government-approved" health insurance. 16,500 new IRS agents will check monthly, ensuring you have "proper" insurance.

IRS has direct access to your bank accounts and authority to make electronic fund transfers.

Congressional Budget Office says insurance premiums will go up. 150 new federal bureaucracies will decide your health treatments, not your doctor!

Medicare will be cut by $525 billion, not to extend Medicare, but will fund a new entitlement program. Doctors' Medicare reimbursements will be cut by $1.3 billion. Their only choice is to refuse to treat Medicare patients.

Taxes on industries will be passed on to you and the VAT tax is now being considered. Your taxes will go up. 2010 begins 10 years of taxes to pay for six years of benefits that don't begin until 2014 and not completed till 2017, including children with pre-existing conditions (despite the promise.)

Abortions will be paid with our tax dollars (law takes precedence over executive order.)

Only the government is allowed to offer student college loans, and you thought it was complicated before.

There are more provisions in the bill, all of them derived from backroom deals and behind closed doors. Obamacare passed the Senate only after arms were twisted, promises made, and Senators bribed! If this bill is so good for America, why was this necessary? Why is Congress exempt?

If you don't like out-of-control spending and more government control over your life, then call, write, e-mail your legislators. They work for you! Come to your local Tax Day Tea Party in Willmar.

Remember: Silence is consent!

Barb Norine