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Letter: The gold standard

When I think of my father, Joe Gimse I remember the phrase, "The Gold Standard." This phrase speaks of more than just success, but of humility, selflessness, adversity and failure. It's also about holding yourself to a standard of excellence and never quitting no matter the obstacle that stands in your way. And when there is no other way, you find one.

For the many people who know and have a relationship with my father know that he is more than just a friend. To me he has not only been my dad, but my boss, my friend, my role model, my teacher and my biggest fan. He'll believe in you even if you don't believe in yourself. He guides you when nobody else will, and if you fail he'll tell you to get back up and do it until you get it right.

He teaches us by showing his confidence to follow his heart and make the key decision. And then he shows his courage by living with it afterward -- whether it succeeds or fails. His greatest downfall is he sees the good in everyone and everything. He is so passionate about life that he sometimes trusts too much. Our family frequently reminds him of this. All he wants is a better life for the people around him and the people he represents.

I know he has every good intention to continue to work hard for District 13 and the great state of Minnesota. I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat or Independent. We all still believe hard work will get you further than just being given everything. We understand you will fail at times in life, but it's not the failure that defines the person, it's what you do afterward.

We all need to be more enthusiastic about life and remember the best part is that there is always tomorrow and it's going to be great. No matter what.

I just wanted to thank you Joe for setting a standard of excellence in your life and giving me the principles and values I will carry on.

I encourage you to vote.

Jeffrey Gimse

Maple Grove