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Letter: Good news on railroad safety

Thank you for your fine article in your Feb. 21 paper. I found it very interesting that the BNSF railway system was planning on ordering 5,000 new tank cars that meet stricter safety guidelines established by the Association of American Railroads at a future date.

It seems that this decision was reached after Warren Buffett’s meeting with President Obama prior to his purchase of the BNSF railway system by his firm Berkshire Hathaway and the delay of the Keystone Pipeline approval and the longtime study by the Environmental Agency and other governmental agencies.

I may be wrong but it appears questionable to me.

The more positive results, however, will be the number of new jobs this plan will result in. The Keystone Pipeline completion, however, would also increase employment and make us less dependent on foreign imports of oil and gas.

Thank you and keep up printing news such as this.

Leland Durst