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Letter: GOP float was embarrassing

I do not look at myself as being politically motivated, but I was very disappointed in the local Republican Party float that was in Spicer's 4th of July parade. I don't think that any day is a good day to bash the president of the United States, but to do so on the celebration of our country's birth is totally uncalled for! The people on this float were making attacks on the president of the United States, including some that had racial slurs to them, such as: "no more taxes bro."

I don't suppose that the people on this float were aware of the fact that Abraham Lincoln was the man responsible for starting the Republican Party, and he did it because he was appalled with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. If you are not familiar with this act, I would suggest that you Google search it. Abraham Lincoln believed that all men are created equal! I think that the organizers and people who participated in this float totally embarrassed the Republican Party. In the future, I hope that you will show more patriotism on our country's birthday that you did this year.

Chery Haglund, Kerkhoven