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Letter: The GOP vs. the environment

Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans have plans.

Romney has said he will eliminate the tax on investments, interest and capital gains. A huge tax break for the rich -- a pittance for the working middle class (if they have any savings).

Romney will create jobs. Where? Overseas?

Romney will cut sustainable energy research funding. That will save money by eliminating some essential jobs.

Romney likes oil, coal and natural gas. Romney and the Republicans will eliminate many regulations so their wealthy friends in the oil, coal and gas industries can make huge profits without worrying about pollution. Republicans in Congress have started legislation that will remove some important environmental safeguards.

Extraction of tar sands oil, one of the world's dirtiest oils, is destroying the boreal forest and wildlife habitat in Canada. A break in the propose Keystone XL pipeline could destroy the Ogallala aquifer.

Oil extraction in Alaska will kill polar bears, whales and other wildlife. Coal is the worst air polluter. "Fracking" for natural gas destroys landscapes and poisons water and people. (The Sierra Club and other organizations have more information on their websites)

Can we trust Romney and his Republican friends? We can trust them to cater to the wealthy and, even worse, create conditions that will increase air and water pollution.

We need to do everything possible to prevent Romney, the Republicans and their friends from destroying the very environment we need to continue to exist on this planet.

Richard C. Lindahl