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Letter: The GOP's selfish agenda

Republicans want to keep our health care system as is. Before you agree or disagree with their position, consider the following. Of the score or more of developed, industrialized nations, our system is the most expensive and doesn't cover everyone while the other countries have a national system covering everyone. When a Republican describes, for example, the Canadian system, they infer it is poor. When a Canadian speaks of their system, they say it's great. Who is the most believable?

Jesus said that if we didn't care for the least of us we didn't care for him. A national system will do that. Why then does the religious right fight so desperately against a national plan that mirrors Jesus's teachings? The reason is simple. They want a Democratic president to fail! No matter what our nation needs. Their GOP leader, Rush Limbaugh, proclaimed that fact. It's obvious! Even though President Obama inherited an unbelievable mess from eight years of Republican mismanagement, they expect him to clean it up in a few months. Republicans put their selfish desires ahead of country.

That is irresponsible and unforgivable.

Graden West

New London