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Letter: Government is not answer to health care reform

I am all for reforming health care so everyone can afford to get help. However, I do not believe the government is going about it in the right way.

We already know that when government gets involved in our lives, nothing goes the way they claim it will. They say one thing and do another. And this will just be the tip of the iceberg. Once they have their foothold on us, health care will get worse, just like all the other programs they start to help the people. Most of them end up hurting the people more than helping.

I am sorry I can not agree with you on this matter, but this is the way I feel about how our government helps the people. Mostly, they help themselves.

They call Social Security welfare, but we paid our money into this retirement fund. And the government is spending it instead of putting it into our retirement fund.

If anyone is on welfare, it is government workers -- politicians. Government only has the money it gets from the taxpayers -- why do you think the politicians live so well and have such good health insurance for themselves? Give it some thought!

Ruby Schwanke