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Letter: Government vs. freedom

I would like to respond to Harlan Broers' June 8 letter. First, it is claimed that "the church will dictate how we will live". Luckily for us, we live in a country with a regime that is not quite dictatorial in nature. In Iran, you can be put to death for preaching the Gospel or stoned for committing adultery. Broers notes that the government should dictate how we live and not the church. See above Iran reference.

Global warming is simply a theory. Bottom line: Last time I checked, it was no fact. Call me any name you like, but that's the truth. Many scientists have differing opinions but many people, like Broers, will continue to mock those who simply disagree. Why?

Lastly, I'd like to ask: Which sound constitutional principles does our current president stand for? Should we look to his creation of federally mandated health care for the answer? Or perhaps his decision that the taxpayer should share ownership in private corporations? Or maybe it can be found when he spoke of "fundamentally transforming" America and "spreading the wealth around"?

I'm no extremist. But I am an American and I support limited government in the name of freedom.

Austin Plowman