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Letter: Gratitude for leadership

It is with great pride that I offer my thanks to Mike Carlson, Brad Schmidt and Dion Warne for their dedicated service and leadership in serving the Willmar School District for the last nine years.

You have helped lead the district through some tough times and tough decisions and I feel with great foresight and humility, always having the students as your priority. Your work and input will not be forgotten as you have laid great groundwork for those who follow you.

Most of all I thank you for giving other like-minded citizens the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge in the challenging effort to improve in their own way the education of the students of the Willmar School District. You have, I feel, shown the public that public service to our schools or city in an elected capacity is something that should be shared with all those who wish to participate. As you all say, perhaps you can participate in the process as much or more, outside looking in as a private citizen than within it. I know your expertise and experience will be a valuable commodity for those who replace you and your advice and knowledge will be sought.

Thanks again for your dedicated service and most of all knowing that leading in an elected capacity is an honor and not a monopoly.

John L. Sullivan