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Letter: Guns and saving ‘just one life’

It can be tough to deal with emotions following news of a murder, especially when victims were children or others who could not defend themselves. Something has to be done. We must take action. If our actions result in only saving one life, isn’t it worth it?

Recognize those lines? Overcome with emotion, those closest to the tragedies utter them. Our political leaders and celebrities rehearse them before going on camera. Obama’s “if there’s just one life we can save” expression got a lot of air time.

Do an Internet search for people defending themselves with firearms, against thugs. Spend some time reading their stories. Read their quotes, and what their friends and families said when interviewed. Like Sandy Hook, let these stories sink in. Put yourself in those victims’ shoes or imagine it was your grandma, daughter or dad who had to defend themselves. Then, interject the desires of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg and other liberals that want to eliminate private firearm ownership (do not believe for a moment they will stop at banning just a few guns or magazines.)

The hoods would of course still have guns, because they don’t obey laws. Those victims would have been unable to defend themselves with a firearm, and they would be dead. Would those passionate liberals be able to, or even care to, explain how that loss of “just one life” was able to happen? Absolutely not.

John Larson