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Letter: A happy ending for lost dog

Thank you, thank you, thank you. There are no words to describe the joy over the finding of Lord, the missing dog.

Without all the help that was received from people near and far, he would not have been found.

For the people of Blomkest that let us comb the town over and over looking for Lord and putting food out for him. Special thanks to Anne Polta of the West Central Tribune for always having updated stories about Lord. To KWLM-Q102 and KKLN The Loon for letting people know that Lord still had not been found and to keep looking.

To Gary and Jannie Dragt who saw the first sighting of Lord in the Roseland area and keeping updates each day and also checking on the live trap. To Dennis Swart for his help with the live trap. To Bobbie Bauman of the Humane Society and all the volunteers who spent time searching.

Big special thanks to my staff at Fancy Coats for not giving up -- Julie Ann, Katrina, Char, Amanda and Colleen Flodstrom, who came in on weekends to work so I could spend the day looking.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Marie Lingl

Fancy Coats Pet Inn and Grooming