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Letter: Hate-filled?

Regarding Harlan Broers' letter to the editor in the Jan. 17 paper, I'm going to borrow a page from Jeff Foxworthy, to say that you must also be hate-filled yourself when you accuse someone of doing something without checking your facts.

You must be hate-filled when you accuse me of wanting to bring back child labor, without offering any facts to back up your claim. You must be hate-filled when you accuse me of wanting child labor to make clothes for my socalled rich friends' wives, when you know nothing about me or my friends. If you don't like where our clothes are made, let them rot the shelf!

You must be hate-filled when you don't check your facts as to where poinsettias are grown. They were first grown by the Ecke family, from Southern California, who are still major suppliers of poinsettia plants. California produces 70 percent of the poinsettias for the U.S. market, and 50 percent of the world's supply. Check your facts, Mr. Broers. Cuttings, not plants, can be imported from Mexico due to a ban on importing soil.

You must be hate-filled when you accuse someone of watching the FOX News channel without having ever been in their house. In America, we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, and the First Amendment calls for freedom of speech, which means I can watch whichever news channel I wish.

You must be hate-filled because you don't seem to know the difference between "you will," and "will you." Jesus would have said "will you?" while the government says, "you will."

However, Mr. Broers is right about one thing: Guns don't kill people, hate-filled people do! A prime example was the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, along with several other people at a Tucson, Ariz., Safeway parking lot. This incident caused the liberal media to go into a tizzy by blaming the right wing for the shootings. In fact, Jared Loughner, the accused shooter, was registered as an independent and an atheist. That's being hate-filled by the left!

Earl Pederson