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Letter: Health and the American way

Hey, folks, let’s kill Obamacare now before it gets any more complicated. Let those who can afford to buy insurance buy it, and those who cannot just take two aspirin, drink lots of water and get plenty of bed rest if hit by any unexpected medical condition.

After all, at death’s door, everyone can go right now to emergency and gain admittance for late-date treatment at the general expense of the taxpayers. The hospitals simply pass the expense on to those who have already bought insurance, whose premiums will continue to rise exponentially to cover the millions of Americans who choose not to buy coverage, but in the end we all get to keep our precious liberty and independence from government interference in our private lives.

What will end, of course, abruptly is Republican raucous laughter at the Democrats’ failure to inaugurate any form of universal health care and final victory will be for the GOP to maintain the status quo.

All we can lose is our shirts and certain bankruptcy if we are hit with a sudden unexpected illness and a monumental health bill, but everyone knows that just living from one day to the next is a gamble and a risk, so what the heck, it’s the American way. Rugged individualism simply means biting the bullet and leaving it up to God whether we live or die.