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Letter: Health care for everyone

Why can't the greatest country in the world seem to get health care right? Lots of other countries are doing it -- providing health care to everyone who needs it. And maybe that is the question we should be asking ourselves -- who needs health care? Who "deserves" health care? I am blessed to have health care coverage, and it is semi-affordable for my family. But millions in this country do not. This is a moral issue for me. I believe that God intends for everyone to have the things they need to be healthy.

In politics, power equals money and so those groups with the most money wield the most power with lawmakers. Health care isn't about politics; it is about doing what is right. If we do nothing, nothing will get better. Have costs gone down with the system we have now? Can people afford the system we have in place now? Change is scary for people, but we need to act. We need to start somewhere. Reform will not happen overnight, but we need to go out on a limb because it is the right thing to do. I really encourage people to learn more about the plans that are out there -- and make your voice heard. Our legislators should be listening to us but we have to tell them what we want.

I want health care for all.

Michelle Peterson