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Letter: Health plans and their power

I am writing because I think it's so important to have health care reform.

I paid thousands of dollars for health insurance after retiring in 2000 and still had to argue with the insurance company to get the coverage I was paying for and I don't think that is necessary. Plus my benefits were reduced drastically and I was afraid to cancel, because I was told if I did I would no longer qualify for state employees insurance. Insurance companies have way too much power and that's what our president is addressing.

When I worked as a chemical dependency counselor, so much of my time was taken calling insurance companies rather then doing my own work with people who needed my attention. Then they would only approve a week or two and I'd have to call them again, be put on hold and sometimes was told no even though it was a person in outpatient treatment that badly needed inpatient treatment. It was totally frustrating! People were forced out of treatment for lack of funds and set up for relapse because they needed more time.

President Obama and Congress want to change all of that and I'm so hoping that they will be able to do that. I'm supporting his plan and hope you are too.

Karen Soukkala

New London