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Letter: Health reform starts with us

The subject of health care has been debated for the last several months, so much so that it's almost getting tiresome. In my opinion, there will never be a permanent solution to the health care problem in this country, until the government is willing to accept the fact that the American people have to start playing a more active role in their own health care. That would include such things as better educating the public about the causes of health problems and integrating a broader use of alternative medicine into the system. Disease prevention has to be the ultimate goal.

The medical profession has become so entrenched in providing expensive tests such as X-rays and CAT scans, that it's becoming difficult for them to recognize the real problem, which is often nutrition-related. In my opinion, unless that problem is addressed, the cost of health care will just keep escalating.

Getting back to the health care bill that is now before Congress, there may be some merit in the "public option" plan that has been touted by the Obama administration. However, as with most government programs, the demands from the lobbyists for the legal profession, as well as from the insurance industry, will usually drown out any attempts at true reform.

There are advantages of taking care of your own health, for example the use of health supplements to prevent disease. This change alone could save countless millions of dollars in the cost of health care. In addition, people would both look and feel better.

Rarely do you see an unhealthy-looking person walk into a health food store, unless they are already sick. To the contrary, healthy people are normally bright-eyed and have a rosy complexion, which is usually an indication of good health.

In my opinion, the term "alternative medicine" is a misnomer, because alternative medicine has been on this earth since it was created. Prescription drugs weren't introduced until the 1900s.

A change in our nation's attitude toward health care is crying out to be heard. Somebody in Washington had better start listening before it's too late.

Norm Baker