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Letter: Heitke served Willmar well

I had the honor of serving on the Willmar City Council for four years. Because I still have both family and business interests in Willmar, I am often asked my opinion about the events and people involved in the city of Willmar.

Whenever the subject of Mayor Les Heitke comes up, I tell people that they couldn't find a more trustworthy, loyal or honest representative of our hometown than Les.

Acting in the public arena means that people may disagree on issues but my service alongside Les taught me that elected officials owe the public service and integrity. We all know many elected officials, both past and present, but Les Heitke fits into a higher category then just "elected official." Les is a public servant. His years of service show that he served the city and represents us well. When I think back on my time on the council, my memories of Les Heitke aren't about the difference we might have had from time to time but instead they are about the way Les modeled public service.

Regardless of who you supported in Tuesday's election, everybody that does business or lives in Willmar owes Les a thank you for his long and dedicated service to our city.

David Chapin

Lincoln, Neb.