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Letter: Help catch a graveyard thief

The family of William D. Tayler — my father, who passed away on July 19, 2013 — is asking the Willmar community to help us catch the thief who has repeatedly stolen the American flag and sentimental pictures of my mom and dads’ wedding pictures from his grave.

My dad liked to feed the birds, so in his honor on the day of the family graveside service, I placed a double black shepherds’ staff and two birdfeeders, (with two framed pictures of him and his obituary) at the head of his gravesite. Recently they were also stolen.

My father fought in 27 World War II battles, 14 major battles, and was recognized for his heroism with 17 Bronze Battle Stars. The theft of the American flag is especially disturbing. What kind of person would do this?

My father is buried on the west side of the Fairview Cemetery in Willmar. My family wishes one day soon he will “rest in peace.”

Since this is happening at our fathers’ grave, it may be happening at your loved ones’ grave as well.

We are offering a monetary reward for the arrest of the perpetrator of these crimes. Please contact the Willmar Police Department immediately, if you see any suspicious activity. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.

Robin Tayler

Little Falls