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Letter: Hidden health care truths

A recent letter appeared on this page suggesting that "lots of other countries are doing it --providing health care to everyone who needs it." I challenge the author of this letter to do a little research and he or she will find that although other countries may be providing health care to all, it is not as great as it seems.

Socialized medicine sounds and looks so good, but once the veil is lifted we see why anyone who can afford to come to the United States from Canada for their health care, does so. We can see why members of Congress don't want it for themselves but are willing to pile it on the American people. We see that it took four and a half months to get someone an MRI in Canada. We see that if you have a major problem in Canada, you better get to the United States fast.

I am all for health care reform. Our current system is an inefficient one, to say the least. But wake up, America! Do you want wait months to be able to see a doctor? Do you want to have a government official deciding whether or not you're too old to have that surgery or that bypass? I haven't even mentioned the projected cost of this "reform" yet. I can almost hear the screams of our Founding Fathers from their graves and if we don't start screaming with them, we will surely watch our nation fall.

Austin Plowman