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Letter: Hold the vandals accountable

As a Kandiyohi County native, I wonder what is the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Department going to do next year when the kiddies come out to play?

This thing got too hot for you this year so you dropped the charges because Scott Wagar should have never been charged in the first place.

Parents, please do not send your children down here to the beautiful Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Take a wrong turn up in them there hills and you will find a pack of large dogs with Grandma standing behind the screen door. Sorry, she will not have cookies in her hand for your kiddies, but more likely a shotgun not filled with rock salt.

On Veterans Day each year, all the local high schools will alternate the dates and times to honor our military. It is not so much to honor our service but to teach the students the history that was taken out of their school books. It helps to heal the wounds after Vietnam, and yes, even spit on. I look forward to putting on my uniform each November and getting treated with the various lunches and programs. Principals say the students look forward to it.

Parents, if that is all the better you can raise them, on second thought, maybe it was because it was your parents that did you wrong.

To the sheriff and county attorney, from an old senior chief, you have put the town of Willmar in the national spotlight. Is this what you really want? Do your job, even if is against the bigwigs or political leaders of your town. Treat everyone the same and hold all of them accountable for their actions. If you do not hold these children accountable this year, you are telling them it is OK and they will do it again the next. What would you do if this was your house and family?