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Letter: How about a roundabout to fix dangerous intersection?

I drive from New London to Willmar for work. I would appreciate if the Department of Transportation could act soon to change the dangerous intersection of North Highway 71 and County Road 24.

Many letters and consults have been published but no action, yet. Roundabouts have been proven to reduce accidents, slow down traffic, save on fuel and force people to pay close attention to other drivers on the road.

Yes, we can all learn something new, after all -- we allow 16-year-olds with raging hormones to drive 65 miles an hour down the road with cell phones at their side and loud music blaring while they are talking with their three other friends in the car.

Most cars on the road are driven by experienced drivers and they should be able to learn how to drive through a roundabout.

Janne Gossman

New London