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Letter: How tax decisions are made

A comment and a couple of legislative concerns caught my eye in the Feb. 5 edition of the West Central Tribune.

The quote attributed to Harlan Madsen that “the world is run by those who show up” is certainly true in Kandiyohi County. Wasn’t the decision to build a new law enforcement center — after a time for public comments — made by the commissioners? (I don’t recall that the voters had to show up for that one.)

The $10 wheelage tax on vehicle registrations is another voter no-show, also after a public input opportunity. The money raised by this tax goes directly to road and bridge repair, but apparently will come up short, as I read in the article that a legislative concern is for additional funding.

Perhaps fewer consultant fees for things like a vision of Highway 12’s future would leave at least a little coin for the actual repair.

Expanding the sales tax exemption for local government units is another legislative concern. I do not — in my limited memory span — recall any government entity meeting any kind of tax it didn’t like, so I think the joy of paying should be shared by the government also; but maybe the exemption will help “streamline” the function of said units.

Ed Mickelson Atwater