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Letter: Hypocrisy of the Tea Parties

In response to a letter published claiming success of the recent tea parties and the author's complaint of lack of coverage, I think it's important to offer an opposing view. The term "success" is subjective, to say the least, but more importantly, the lack of coverage seemed to be more a statement of relevance than substance.

It's already been widely reported that the protests were nothing more than a promotion by conservative talk radio and Fox news, none of whom complained while the country spiraled into a $1 trillion deficit during the Bush administration.

Money that went primarily overseas while current spending is focused domestically on roads, bridges, education, and the like. Of course nobody likes paying taxes, but can we agree that the spending of those taxes should be for our benefit? It should also be noted that the vast majority of the protesters will not see their taxes raised under President Obama and most protesters seemed grossly misinformed when CNN and the like actually did interviews.

One interviewed claimed Obama was a socialist but had no idea what being a socialist is and could not explain why he felt that way! Is it possible that mainstream media outlets saw the hypocrisy for what it was? From what it appeared to be to most people, the rally was not so much a tax protest but a statement of "I hate Obama."

I applaud anyone involved enough to actually protest but claiming faux anger now when it should have been obvious six years ago and crying for a lack of coverage doesn't lead to converts easily. Maybe they should have been out with their signs at that time and people would take them seriously now... Just a thought.