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Letter: I am voting for Koenen

Dear fellow constituents and voters of state Senate District 17:

Aug. 14 is primary election day in Minnesota.

I have been a moderately conservative voter since 1974. I have supported Republicans perhaps 70 to 75 percent of the time. However, this year in the primary, I endorse Lyle Koenen in the state Senate race on the DFL ticket.

As a state representative, Lyle voted "aye" on the "Defense of Marriage Amendment." Lyle has experience in the state Legislature, and he listens diligently to the people. He'll also explain the progress of the people's business at the state Capitol in St. Paul.

I consider Lyle Koenen to be a good friend.

If you vote on the DFL ticket on Aug. 14, I highly recommend a vote for Lyle Koenen.

Thank you!

Merlin L. Marlowe