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Letter: I support these candidates

In 1974, while in law school in Indiana, I acted as a poll watcher in East Chicago in the elections. I saw people vote in the morning and in the afternoon, I saw everyone who voted get a $5 bill from someone who stood at the entrance to the polling place. If someone's name was already checked, I saw the registrar check someone else's name who hadn't been there. The Republican charge in Minnesota that we have crooked voting here is just not true.

This past summer I was in Canada. Canada had no banks fail, while ours were failing right and left. The difference is that Canada never took its regulations off its banks as we did. The Republicans want you to forget that our banks fell apart on their watch, not the Democrats.

And no, the Democrats do not have all the answers; however, they have started to clean up the mess that the Republicans got us into.

I endorse the following individuals:

Governor: Mark Dayton. He could have been a playboy with his millions, but he never was.

State Senator: Larry Rice. He is a successful businessman and a fine individual.

State Representative: Al Juhnke. He is a hard-working representative and a pro-lifer as well, even though Jackie Cain will not put it in her letters.

Mayor: Les Heitke. He has the experience to continue doing a good job with a sometimes irascible city council.

County Board: Richard Falk and Dean Shuck. They are doing a good job that keeps getting harder and should be retained.

School Board: Nathan Streed. There may be other good candidates as well, but Nathan would do a good job.

George Hulstrand Jr.