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Letter: I'm voting pro-life

Thank you George Hulstrand Jr. for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion regarding the House 13B race. Hulstrand states, "Al Juhnke is a pro-lifer even though Jackie Cain will not put it in her letters."

I have written one letter this fall prior to this one, which disclosed that there is only one pro-life candidate in our Senate district, Joe Gimse. His opponent Larry Rice publically acknowledged that he is not pro-life and did not respond to the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life or Minnesota Family Council questionnaire.

Both candidates running for the House received 100 percent pro-life rating from the MCCL. Juhnke received the MCCL endorsement as he is the incumbent.

However, my personal endorsement is for Bruce Vogel whom I have known for 10 years. Vogel's heart and soul is pro-life. He is a man of immense integrity. Vogel does not support pro-choice candidates nor would he cast his vote for a pro-choice Speaker of the House; Juhnke on the other hand has done so.

On Tuesday I will abide by my Christian convictions and vote for the genuine pro-life candidates, Bruce Vogel and Sen. Joe Gimse.

Jackie Cain