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Letter: Imdieke is effective, energetic

There is no question in our minds Roger Imdieke is the best choice for county commissioner of Kandiyohi County. In a county commissioner we need an effective and energetic advocate for the northern part of our county. Roger is that person.

We believe if we want to encourage the 20 to 40 year-old demographics to call Kandiyohi County their home, we need to promote, develop and protect our abundant natural resources. This is a critical demographic group, as they are the ones filling our schools, buying homes and becoming our future leaders. Roger has the experience, energy and passion to undertake what needs to be accomplished to fulfill this goal.

Having worked on joint projects with Roger over the years, we have seen first-hand how he approaches a challenge with an open and discerning manner. We have witnessed and respect his thoughtfulness, organizational skills and his ability to keep his focus on the optimum result.

Roger's business and farming background provide him the experience to understand the challenges facing rural residents, businesses and farms. As a vested business owner, Roger has and continues to actively promote the area. His advocacy in responsible use of resources, along with fiscal reason allows for continued prosperity in the county.

We trust Roger to work hard to represent the interest of the citizens of the Fourth District. That's why he gets our vote.

Bill and Julie Taunton