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Letter: An injustice to the victims

I am writing in regard to an article about Thomas Kremer published in the March 18 West Central Tribune. The title of the article was "Kandiyohi man faces felony charges for alleged molestation."

The article went into very graphic and unnecessary details about the alleged molestation(s). As a parent myself this is hard enough to read but what makes it even more horrific is to think about what those two poor children have to go through in this community and their schools due to the public display of very personal and painful experiences.

The West Central Tribune was very careful to use the word alleged when it came to Thomas Kremer or the charges against him as to not violate his rights but I truly feel that the children have not been given the same consideration.

Regardless, if Mr. Kremer is innocent or found guilty I feel strongly that this was an injustice to the two children.

Allison Peterson