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Letter: An inspiring tribute to veterans

I would like to commend the West Central Tribune for their historical tribute of the lives of veterans of wars from the surrounding area in the April 1 newspaper. As a veteran of the Vietnam era, I felt proud as I read the biographies of those that served during that time and also the biographies of the other veterans who have served.

It appears the West Central Tribune put a huge effort into developing this most memorable of all supplemental presentations the Tribune has put together. I feel the presentation was educational, inspirational, and also informative as to the individual life stories of those vets during their time in the service.

I would also like to send a word of gratitude to Jon Lindstrand for his phenomenal Veterans Day display that is open to the public every Veterans Day (three days) at the Willmar auditorium. I would like to inform everyone of a Web site that Jon has helped develop in honor of all veterans: I would think that this could be an award-winning Web site as this site also has biographies of veterans from the area and is very professionally compiled.

Thank you again to those involved at the West Central Tribune for this publication and to those veterans who shared their stories.