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Letter: Integrity of the vote

I don't think people are "disenfranchised" when they are required to have a photo ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, Sudafed, to board a plane, drive a car, enter federal buildings, cash a check, go to some movies, rent a car or a hotel room. You get the idea.

Isn't it more important to ensure the integrity of our election system? Why would we allow an "unqualified" person to vote and cancel out our legal vote? Among unqualified voters are felons, illegal aliens or someone registered to vote in more than one state because of a move or home ownership in more than one state.

Common sense tells you the security of our election and our vote is extremely important, even the President, Barack Obama, had to show his photo ID when he voted early on Oct. 26. If he has to show his ID, why wouldn't the same be required of all of us?

According to the left-leaning Washington Post poll, 74 percent of Americans support voter ID. Well over half the states already have voter ID laws. For the sake of honesty in our system, support voter ID.

It is also our responsibility to elect representatives who have a strong moral character and a backbone to do what is the best for America, not what's best for their own personal gain. We should not allow crony capitalism by donating to campaigns and then they get paid back with our taxpayer dollars through grants, loans or stimulus funds like Solyndra, A123, Fiskers, Abound, and many more companies that end up bankrupt. The American taxpayer is left holding the bag.

We must enable our elected officials to put policies in place to protect the honesty of our system, or what's left of it. This election will decide the fate of our Republic -- free markets or socialism -- your choice. Be very sure you have done your homework when you enter that voting booth. Our nation's survival depends on your decision. Choose wisely and may your vote be counted as it should be and not cancelled by an unqualified voter this year.

Barb Norine