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Letter: Issues facing city of Olivia

In support of Dan Knight's excellent letter on the new and current Olivia City Council, there are several issues that have been addressed and are concerns of the people attending these infrastructure meetings.

The meetings have had armed Olivia Police Department at the door, the council and its mayor have professed they have "policing powers" and like the police can remove and arrest people, and have stressed this at one meeting.

We've been explicitly told that they are voted in and do not need our consent to vote on any project. We should have considered that when these new members were running last fall.

Our city owes $10,686,078 vs. $10,140,000 by Renville County, which should be at 25 percent and is now at 30.4 percent, not counting the $21 million-plus project.

Our vacant houses are at 104. We have a retained "city engineer" whose employer is also doing the engineering work. Even if this project is not done, our city will owe them over $1.5 million and no other bids were even considered. Why?

Plus there are many other issues: the city demographics, including the resurgence of the "affordable housing project" which was opposed in the past.

So what is the future of Olivia?

Terry Serbus