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Letter: It's common sense to vote no

Before you vote on the proposed voter ID amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, stop to consider what organizations oppose the amendment.

The League of Women Voters and AARP both urge you to vote no.

Both Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services oppose the amendment. In April 2012, Catholic Charities of Minnesota stated its position clearly, "The data is clear. The proposed voter ID requirement does little to end voting fraud and disproportionately affects vulnerable populations." The statement by Catholic Charities asserts that at least two national, non-partisan studies have shown that 11 percent of Americans do not have current, government-issued ID and that 18 percent of citizens age 65 and older lack that form of ID. It concludes, "Catholic Charities is against the proposed voter photo ID amendment because it will bar some citizens from having a voice on issues that directly affect their everyday lives.

We believe that all Minnesotans, especially those with the greatest need for support, have a right to be heard and that requiring a valid, government-issued photo ID to vote will silence thousands of currently voting eligible Minnesotans who deserve a voice in our democracy."

A statement from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is clear as well: "Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota stands opposed to the constitutional amendment on photo voter identification." It states that the proposed amendment would end same day voter registration as we know it. It asserts that, "the act of voting is the most precious right of our democracy. Barriers to voting impede that right."

Vote no, it's just common sense.

Eric Vogel