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Letter: Jobs for rural Minnesota

There is a lot of talk this election year about jobs. Everyone says we need more jobs here in west central Minnesota. As a retired resident of Appleton Township, having lived here since 1943, I agree.

In 1995, I began work at Prairie Correctional Facility in the automotive maintenance department and eventually became the maintenance supervisor, retiring in 2004. I love this community and because of this job, its health care, retirement benefits, and the opportunities I had to advance, I was able to live here.

People often say that no one wants to live in rural Minnesota anymore. I disagree. There is no better place to live; however, people need to work. I was very disappointed to see the prison close. The prison in Appleton provided almost 400 jobs for people who came from as far away as Willmar to work. I have talked to many people who were working there and they too want to stay in this community.

We need to do what we can to get that prison open again. I am not here to point fingers or say who is to blame for it closing. I would just like to see it operating again.

Jay Backer is running to become our state representative. He has a long background in business and I believe he can get the job done if given the chance. He too, has grown up in this area and I know he will work hard to represent our interests. Please join me and vote for Jay Backer on Nov. 2.

Mike Crosby