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Letter: Johnson is a proven leader

My husband, Russ, and I have resided in Ward 2 for 22 years and thus we have a legitimate concern as to who will be elected to represent us, our ward, and our city.

We are supporting Tim Johnson.

Our decision has not been made hastily. Johnson's heart is to serve the public, specifically representing us, his constituents. This is evident in his career as a public servant. In addition, his employment experience offers the financial and legal expertise needed on the City Council.

He worked in the finance department of Honeywell, Inc. (1969-1974), for the Bernard and Johnson Law Office (1975-1992), as a city attorney for Atwater, Kandiyohi, New London and Raymond (1975-1992), and currently is the chief public defender for the Eighth Judicial District.

He is well-educated. He graduated from Willmar High School, earned a B.A. degree from Hamline University and William Mitchell College of Law.

Johnson is a proven objective leader. One example is he uncovered pertinent information regarding the Westwind land development, which he then publicly presented in a respectful, diplomatic manner. Most important is he can be trusted to represent us. He is one of us. Johnson and his wife, Cheryl, are longtime residents of Ward 2 (32 years). He has the integrity and courage to stand up for us, the people who elect him.

As you can see, Johnson's qualifications are remarkable and will meet the current and upcoming challenges of our city. It's time to bring more civility, common sense, and accountability back to the City Council. Ward 2, please vote for Tim Johnson for City Council. A vote for him is a voice for you.

Sue Quist