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Letter: Just give us a solution

There is a lot of talk about the health care debate lately, and you know it's just great to have all of the sides weigh in from the liberals to the conservatives, because I don't care who helps, we just need some help with the cost of health care.

So here is our side of the health care story. Eleven years ago my wife and I had to get our own health insurance. For a $2,000 deductible plan for both of us it was not bad at $250 a month, doable for us.

Now 11 years later this same insurance for both of us would run us $1,600 a month. Do the math; it's not just 100 percent higher, it's hundreds of percents higher. How many of you out there can afford to pay $1,600 a month for health insurance?

Last year we both signed up for the highest deductible plans they had, me through the state comprehensive insurance plan at $10,000 deductible, and my premium still shot up 25 percent last year, and this is through the State Comprehensive Plan.

I don't know about the rest of you but something has to be done, because if things stay the same I may not even be able to afford the highest deductible plan that I can get. And on top of all the money we pay for insurance, my wife and I still have to pay our own well care throughout the year every time we go in to see the doctor. I don't even go to the doctor every year now and wait for every other year because of the costs.

So for me the bottom line is, I don't care who helps us, the Democrats, or Republicans, because from my viewpoint, both parties from what I see in life have let many of us down.

Jeffrey Taylor

New London