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Letter: Keep bully enforcement local

A response to Richard A. Larsen of Willmar (Public Forum, Feb. 7): Have you taken the time to actually read HF 826? I have. Yes, bullying is a problem and always will be, but I’m not condoning it. If you read the bill you would see that it creates another layer of government with an unelected 20-member “School Climate Council” which will be empowered to write even more unnecessary rules.

This bill calls for enforcement on and off of school campuses. Are our schools going to have to be another off-campus police force? It also defines bullying as asserted, actual, or perceived, and the reporter may remain anonymous. Which leaves the door open to a whole host of new problems. That sure seems to me as a way to claim bully without even bullying having taken place. I can see where one student could claim bullying when in effect they are the bully. Also in this bill parents would not necessarily have to be informed by the school!

Yes, the name of this bill seems to have good intentions by its name but when you actually sit down and read it and look at all of the details, and do an in-depth study of it and its sponsors (the DFL) and follow the money, a good portion of the sponsors’ donations comes from the teachers union.

Do your research and make an informed decision and don’t get caught up on some catchy phrase as to whether or not you want to support a particular piece of legislation. I have done my research. Also the Minnesota Association of Superintendents and the Minnesota School Board Association have testified against this legislation. We need to keep control of our schools and not have some unelected bureaucrats in St. Paul or Washington, D.C., dictate to us in our communities.

Earl Pederson