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Letter: Keep legacy funds intact

Recent press reports have revealed that some legislators are proposing diverting funding from the arts to pay for a Vikings stadium. The governor himself has said that all funding options are on the table.

Thousands of Minnesotans worked together on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Vote Yes campaign in 2008 to ensure dedicated funds for the outdoors and for the arts and history. Diverting these funds is not only illegal, but a bait and switch to the taxpayers who voted for the amendment with the belief that we were preserving the arts and outdoors.

We are absolutely opposed to using the Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund for a Vikings stadium. The constitution says these funds "may be spent only for arts, arts education, and arts access and to preserve Minnesota's arts and cultural heritage." There is no mention of stadiums anywhere in the constitution, and not once, in all of the legislative debate over the amendment, was there any mention of a stadium.

Please take a stand with us to oppose the diversion of any legacy funds for a stadium.

David P. Korsmo, President, Willmar Area Arts Council

Janet L. Olney, Coordinator, Willmar Area Arts Council