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Letter: Keeping our schools safe

Keeping the focus on what will the response be if and when an armed intruder manages to get inside a school facility: You understand that I am still a very firm believer in an immediate action plan that eliminates the threat.

Making it common knowledge that there is a secure weapon available to trained individuals inside each school, and that a group of staff have been trained and practiced to immediately eliminate any threat that presents itself once inside any school building, will allow the entire community to have confidence in our schools being safe.

This process should be designed and practiced with the cooperation of the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office, as they will be the respondents during any incident, and I would be more than willing to work with the response group to perfect the immediate response team.

We as a society have no problem allowing our 18-year-old young adults to be trained, go off to war and place their lives on the line for us. Are we willing to place our lives on the line for the children of this community should it be necessary to protect them?

Each of us as parents needs to make an educated decision on what we feel would be an appropriate response, given the fact that it is our children inside the school facility. Each of us also needs to decide whether or not we voice that opinion to the professionals who will be making the decisions of response.

The persons that will be making decisions as to the best way to proceed if a threat presents itself should respect and welcome input from the parents of all school children. Give serious thought to sharing your opinion with the individuals that have to manage a response at each school.

This is a life-and-death topic and not to be taken lightly or respond to negatively.

Bob Bilger