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Letter: Know who you vote for

I am happy with my health care policy and I want to keep it.

The Obama administration officials (today it was Jay Carney, the press secretary) continue to call my plan “substandard.” When I purchased it, I chose not to purchase:

* Mental health coverage (I may need it when this plan is fully implemented).

* Chemical dependency coverage — see above.

* Pregnancy — no need to explain.

* Pediatric dental — If I have a child at age 60, I guess I would just pay my dentist.

Thanks to the work done from both sides of the aisle, Minnesota had reasonably priced policies, lots of choices, and over 90 percent of Minnesotans are covered.

The framers of our Constitution had it right when they delegated most of the power to the states. How did we get to this point of Washington having so much power? I hope everyone seriously considers the candidate they are voting for and researches where they feel the power should lie.

Russ Bennett